Thursday, August 12, 2010

DragonFlight -- Politics (Part 2) & Population Control

They said that there are records that show the path of the red planet, so why couldn't they need to determine their breeding on that? Once the Thread has passed, let the dragons decline a bit, but not let them die out? And then once the Threads start coming back, or when there's imminent danger, they could always start breeding.

Well, during a Threadfall, dragons do start breeding more, and after a Threadfall they don't lay as many eggs, so that is one of the factors.

Speed up right before it.

But they didn't do that this time, because the Queen was so bad.

I think the reason why people were so resentful was there was only one Weyr left and they were so pitiful at that point. There were hardly any supplies going to the Weyr because the four other Weyrs came to the future. I think that is the turning point. Yes, they are that strong. They have more than one Queen; they have multiple Queens now. They can basically hold their own planet as long as they get the supplies and stuff.

Yeah, the little Weyr wasn't as impressive anymore, it didn't inspire any awe anymore. So people didn't care. But definitely you see in other books, books that go to the past where the dragons are in their prime, and you see how the dragonriders are like, "Ahhh! Dragonriders!" In earlier times, that was the way it was.

In earlier times people always wanted to be dragonriders, it was their dream. Now that they're back, it's probably going to start happing again. "They're the saviors of our world!"

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