Wednesday, August 4, 2010

DragonFlight -- Middle Muddle (Part 1)

I think also that who the antagonist was was sort of unclear in the middle of the book.

Yeah, because in the beginning it was Fax, so I thought, "Oh, he's probably the antagonist. Oh, he's dead!"



And then the Threads. So I was kind of confused about who the antagonist was. Who are they fighting against?

The entire intro of the book with Fax seemed like it could be left out.

Well the point of an antagonist in this book, it's really different than most books we've probably read, because the point of antagonist always changes. First Fax, then the Lords of the Holds who don't believe in Thread, then it's not really anything after that because Thread is falling and it's just a point of emergency.

I know we're probably going to learn this year in English about this stuff, but I think it ends up being Man vs. Nature as a theme. And not all the books are about that. This trilogy is mostly about fighting the Thread, but other books have people as the antagonists, or even disease. But even in that one, I think there were people that were the problem too. Her writing style changed, and is more what we think of as normal in the later books.

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